The Longest Night

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The longest night of the year was actually yesterday, with the Solstice, but tonight is also a pretty long one and I'm hunkering down with some tea and take-out and preparing to do Susannah Conway's "Unraveling Your Year" workbook. It's been such a chaotic year of therapy, introspection, changes, growth, and loss but also there were some pretty big dreams manifested. It just seems like a good idea to stop and take stock. 

I did Susannah's "Unraveling" course many years ago and I found it to be profoundly meaningful at that time. Which, funnily enough, was also right on the heels of a major life change and move. She hasn't offered the original in a while, but she's got some other e-courses that I'm currently eyeing with interest, and the end of the year workbook is free if you subscribe to her mailing list.  

I've been trying to get a more consistent journaling practice moving this year. I've failed at that one pretty thoroughly, so will be carrying that intention over. It would probably be helpful if I got on Facebook a little less, maybe journaled with my morning coffee instead of checking my feed. Some bad habits are hard to break. I'm finding those dopamine-rich social media hits to be very hard to walk away from.  

Some years I pick a new word, some years I don't. This year I did and it will be "wonder." Every day I'd like to just wake up and be profoundly awed and enchanted by the fact that I'm living here in Portland now, and by the world around me.  Maybe help myself get out from the cold wet blanket of the world a little bit, and to keep cultivating joy.  

What are you doing for yourself as the old year winds down and the new year prepares to be born? As the light begins to return a little more each day? 

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