And so the wheel of the year turns again...

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We're mostly past the winter holidays and on into the short grey days of actual winter. The light is returning, slowly, and even though the trees are just snoozing with bare branches right now, you know they are dreaming about the lush days of summer. The garden is dormant, grass is buried under a thick layer of leaves (for the sleeping pollinators), and the beds we put in last summer have mostly transitioned from cardboard mulch to earthworm rich soil under their layers of straw.

As I continue to wait for healthcare appointments that keep getting delayed, cancelled or rescheduled, I also feel a lot like I am snoozing with bare branches. But life is short and there is a lot of art I want to make! So I'm figuring out ways to get work done around current limitations. 

Working in different ways means making different things. 

I'm excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and to see how it all meshes together.

I will definitely be doing another club this year, but just to mix it up for myself and accommodate my physical reality, it will be a little different from others I've done in the past. The theme for the focal element is "Textiles" and it will run for 3 months. The first month will be earrings, the second month will be some type of necklace, and the last month will be something for your home. Depending on whether or not I'm getting PT or surgery or both, it will either run April-June or July-September. I'll know more later. 

I will not be returning to in person shows in the first half of this year and it's not looking great for the second. We'll just have to see how things progress from here, it's honestly hinging on a lot of factors. 

I hope your Winter holidays were filled with what you needed, that the returning of the Light finds you well or at least hanging in there along with me. Please keep hanging in there! 

Giving the site a little zhuzh and uploading some new stuff for February, but also enjoying this winter quiet time. 

As ever, thanks so much for sticking around. If you're still here, I appreciate you. <3 

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