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I've been thinking a lot the last few weeks about accessibility. So much of the world is currently inaccessible to me due to covid risk, and that includes the Faire circuit I love. Ever since we moved up to the Pacific Northwest, some of the shine has gone out of doing this for me and I've realized that it's entirely because I haven't worked a live show since we left LA.

I got into this 14 years ago with the intent of primarily doing street festivals, art fairs, music fests, and the Renaissance Faire. It was never supposed to be an "online only" thing. Online sales were supposed to support me in the off season when I was unable to travel and vend at my festivals.

I miss the feedback loop of being a vendor. I miss the fun, my community, I miss talking to customers, I even miss the frustrations, problems cropping up on the road, the injuries, camping while middle aged (ouch!)... I miss all of it. That's the part that fed me and made it all feel worthwhile. 

Right now, covid* and the way that people are responding (or not) to being in year 3 of this pandemic is making all of that completely inaccessible to me. I'm angry about it. It's hard not to get bitter about it. I lost a good friend last week to a post-covid stroke, and I'm devastated by that. It's been harder and harder to keep spirits up lately. I am really really hoping that we all get to come back from this. I know, I know, some of you are already back from this, but some of us can't be for various reasons. I hope I get to rejoin you at festivals soon.

Which is by way of saying, if there's been a dearth of new designs, of updates, of selling, of blog posts, if things feel a little sporadic... that's because they absolutely are. I'm sorry about that. I really want to be doing more things, but the heart has - I hope temporarily - gone out of it for me. The thing that fed me in all of this, can't provide nourishment.  I don't believe in forcing what doesn't want to bubble up naturally.

So, I'll update new stuff as the spirit moves. It does move sometimes, just less than it used to and more slowly. It helps to hear nice things from my friends. I love it when people drop me an email to say they like something or post an insta with their new stuff. That is nourishing too. 

And on that note?

Given the lovely feedback I got about the Spring club, which was positive, kind and deeply appreciated, I'm moved to offer a Harvest Season Earring Club that will run September, October, and November. I really liked having a theme to scaffold my designs around for spring and doing some harvest/holiday themed pieces is currently appealing to my sense of joy and whimsy so I'm gonna go for it.

As always, pieces will be exclusive to the club for 6 months. Spots open up August 1 and close Sept. 1. 

I won't say be of good cheer, but, be of stout heart little hobbits. A wise man once said (on a movie screen) that the only thing that those of us who were born in such times can do is our very best, in the time that was given to us..

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