Let's get this Portland party started.

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The studio is unpacked. I've got my business newly filed with the state of Oregon, my license sorted with the City of Portland, and can legally start operating again! The organization process is finally giving way to the mental room I need to make new stuff. It's been a little slow, happening in fits and starts, but I've begun to spend some time at the bench dreaming up new goodies for the shop in the last few days. To prod myself into more actual making, I'll be doing a little shop update on the 20th of January. That's the Sunday after next, 2 weeks from today! 

It's going to be a small update, but a good one. I've got some of my ceramic and textile pieces ready to go, at least one 3-mandala wall hanging, and some sterling and gemstone drop earrings. We'll see what else I can come up with between now and then. I'll be posting teasers on the shop Instagram over the next few weeks, so check us out there and follow, please! 

Expect a LOT of colors. It's so gloomy and grey right now, with the cold rain falling and the misty fog dipping low in the mornings. I am craving sun-washed brights and hues that will remind me of warmer summer days. I am uniformly told by everyone I've talked to that the first winter here is the hardest to adjust to, and everyone also says that we're actually having a pretty mild winter for the area. So I guess I'm feeling grateful on both fronts. One, we're already in the hard part and we have nowhere to go but up as the days get longer and hopefully warmer, and two, the 'verse is going easy on us with the cold and weather conditions. 

In the meantime, there's color, music, and yarn inside. We'll be ok.

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