March musings

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Anticipation is a weird one for me, at least when it comes to “things on the calendar” that relate to other people. Especially during this pandemic!  It has been painful to make and hope for plans based on dips in the numbers, only to have a new variant rise and send things back into a spin again. 

Still, I find myself anticipating a few things. The flowers of spring and early summer. Poppies, lilac, bachelor buttons, tulips, and crocus. Herbs and sweet snap peas. I love walking through the neighborhoods around our home in the PNW, seeing the blooms in people’s gardens change as the seasons roll through. Spring is my favorite season here, because it’s just so hopeful and persistent.

We’ve already had a great whack of Tiny Surprise Daffodils at the new house and one hardy bunch of what I am now sure will eventually be tulips pop up all unexpected. I planted crocus and daffodil bulbs in one bed when we moved in last fall and they’ve started to poke up finally. I planted them late. Will they bloom? If not this year, maybe next? That’s the thing about flowers. They can be patient.

I'm looking forward to temperatures that will finally be warm enough to let me haul my spinning wheel out onto the shady front porch under the spreading maple each day for a few hours. This should coincide with the advent of the local farmer’s market. We live quite close and I have pleasant fantasies of saying good morning to the neighbors walking there and back with their bags of leeks and carrots, as I make summer yarn for winter socks.

Speaking of the farmer’s market, I'm looking forward to sweet asparagus stalks, multi-colored carrots, strawberries, and tiny jewel-like purple potatoes. Soon.

The pandemic has made me pull my anticipations into different proportions. I try to be more like the tiny spring flowers.  Patient. 

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