Upcoming Events and Stockists

As a chronically ill and immune-impaired person, I have to take strong precautions to protect myself and my family from covid-19. In the absence of any real systemic mitigation strategies or support from our communities, I and so many others who are disabled or chronically ill still don't have the luxury of returning to a pre-2020 lifestyle.

Which is a long way of saying that Maia and Rainwood is not doing any in-person holiday events in late 2023. I'm a little salty about it, but what can you do?

2024 is still up in the air.

Maia and Rainwood goods will continue to be carried by our dear friends at the ÖrtFaerie (located at the Southern California Renaissance Faire) along with their own magical collection of home and garden whimsies.

Hopefully you will find something you love there, or here, in our online shop.

Until we can meet in person again,