About Maia & Rainwood

Me: a healer, herbalist, fiber artist, doula, multi-medium artist, witch, and a card-carrying Fairy Godmother (local #18). Hand-crafting exquisite jewelry since 2008.

The Captain: longtime veteran of the movie industry, woodworker, writer, old school nerd, and tabletop gamer.

Us: Maia & Rainwood Designs

I started designing and making wire and gemstone jewelry for myself sometime in the mid 2000's and opened my first jewelry company right when we entered that nasty recession in late 2008. I honestly didn't know the first thing about business when I began, but I knew a lot about making art and I knew I liked being housed and eating food. Starting and running a creative business seemed like a good plan at the time. I'd taken classes at Revere and workshops from acclaimed metalsmiths and artists. I had KRR's book on creative business. How hard could it be to sell the art and jewelry people were already admiring?

So, I opened an Etsy store and started booking craft shows and I waited for the money to pour in.

Go ahead, laugh. I'll wait. 

Yes, there was a learning curve.

After a long couple of years slogging around the Southern CA craft fair scene, and maintaining a permanent shop at Crafted at the Port of LA, we decided to take our stuff and hit the road. We worked the big and small Renaissance Faire circuit all over Northern and Southern California, and did a bunch of Celtic/world music and mountain art festivals.  We built a community, ate a lot of gyros, drank a lot of late night coffee, and saw a lot of highway. 

Life being life, it eventually took us in other directions. It's hard to be on the road when you're getting calls for film work or trying to be a birth doula. We said a temporary goodbye to our show friends, closed our little business, and tried some other things. 

Maia & Rainwood was born in 2017 when we felt ready to come back to it all. 

Wondering where to find us these days? Try the Southern California Renaissance Faire, we're there helping out our friends at the Ort Faerie every spring. We're working on getting back into the Faire circuit in 2019, expanding up into the Pacific Northwest festival scene, and who knows where else? Stay tuned.

The rest of the time, well, it's anyone's best guess. We're a two-state family, living life between Los Angeles and North Portland. As the winds take us. You never know.

But the reason you're here isn't really to find us, is it? 

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you find something to love!