Your items are cleaned and polished prior to packing, and I am regularly sanitizing all work areas. 

Until the issues with the USPS are resolved and I feel safe shipping First Class again, all packages will be going out via Priority Mail, flat rate, with insurance. This comes out to $8.30 for a small Priority box plus $1.65 for insurance so I'll be charging a flat rate of $10 for shipping.

I ship once a week. Fulfillment is running 5-7 days from order to shipping due to the challenges in navigating this very changed landscape. Simply put, if our tiny, understaffed/overburdened post office is full of people with no masks or masks pulled under their noses (which happens more often than you'd think in a global pandemic but there you are, some people just don't science) I will leave and keep trying until it is safe.

I know that the changes occurring within the USPS are alarming and unfortunately, I can't afford to use other shippers for your packages. Plus it is really important to me to support the USPS. I am doing what I can to try to ensure your packages get to you safely in the meantime.

1. I will make sure you always get tracking information on the day your shipping updates are sent out.

2. All packages will be insured for their full value in case they go astray. I cannot always replace one-of-a-kind pieces that are made with unique components, but I will do my best to take care of you and find a solution, offer a refund, or send you a replacement, if something goes missing.

3. I strongly encourage you to opt in to any shipping tracking/text updates offered to you during the checkout process.

I own a store! Do you wholesale? 
Wholesale pricing is available for buyers who are interested in one-of-a-kind work for their shop or gallery. I don't do line sheets or big production runs, though sometimes I can do small runs of specific pieces for one order. I require a minimum order of $500 the first time you order. After that, the minimum drops to $250 for subsequent orders to restock. No COD. Please email me to talk further. 

What if I'm allergic to base metals?
I use nickel free, eco silver (sterling) for ear wires on all sterling, copper and bronze earrings. 

Do you take custom orders? 
I do! The easiest way to find out if I can do a custom order for you is to email me (address is at the end of this page) to see if I have space in my schedule.

To secure a spot on my shop calendar and for work to begin, I take a 50% retainer, with the balance being due in full before shipment of your item. Your retainer is not refundable even if you cancel the order later as that covers materials I may have to special order to fill your request and the valuable time I spend designing or preparing to create your order. 

Do you accept returns?
I do not accept returns or exchanges.  Please read the item description carefully before you buy, especially when it comes to color, materials, and measurements. 

All sales are final.

What's your shipping schedule?

Please see note above about Shipping In The Time of Trump, USPS Shenanigans, and Covid 19. Orders are all sent Priority, insured, with tracking.

What if it disappears after you mail it?
If there is a problem, please contact me so that I can assist you. The sooner the better. 

I do not offer refunds for or replace items that are confirmed as having been delivered but are stolen from your mailbox or porch, as I have no control over the security of your delivery area.


I accept credit cards and PayPal through my Shopify store. 

A note about culture, appreciation, and appropriation: 

I've spent a lot of time unpacking my relationship with cultural appreciation vs. appropriation, especially as it relates to art and marketing. It is an active, ongoing, process. 

Every piece I make involves deliberate choices based on the commitment to stay in my own lane and fully explore the inspiration from my own cultural, religious, and ancestral/family makeup. There is an inherited tradition I am exploring in my work as well as the inspiration that comes from my own lived experiences and surroundings. As a maker and a retailer, I try to move respectfully around the spaces that I personally inhabit. I will always listen and I try to fix it when I screw up. 

Anything else?

You can contact me for queries, further questions, or issues at: maia (dot) rainwood (dot) design AT gmail (dot) com 

Thank you!