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Welcome to the new home of Maia & Rainwood Design! If you came here from my old blog or our old shop on Etsy, welcome!  Thanks for following me over here.

I made this change of address for a couple of reasons but the biggest one is, we're taking our shop off of Etsy and going our own way. As it gets larger and more corporate, Etsy is growing away from the values and maker-oriented platform that I initially wanted to support and be supported by when this journey started. Evolution happens. I'll always be very grateful to Etsy and the Etsy community.

Some of you might remember a little jewelry biz named Honey&Ollie. 


Whether you shopped with us on Etsy, at local SoCal art markets or galleries, Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, conventions, or at one of the many Renaissance Faires and Celtic music festivals we did, I hope you know how very much I appreciated your support for so many years. Honey&Ollie closed at the end of 2016 for a variety of reasons but I think the biggest one was ultimately, sometimes things have to come to their end, to make way for something better.

I soft-launched Maia & Rainwood a year later, in late 2017, but it took me another minute to really figure out what I wanted to do. My husband wanted to be a bigger part of the new venture and we've been slowly figuring out how to get it going.
  We're honestly still not sure how it all fits together yet, but we're ready to start making it a reality. 

If you loved and supported Honey&Ollie, I hope you’ll stick around for this new thing we are birthing together. 


Our aim with Maia & Rainwood is to keep bringing you our amazing artisan jewelry, but with so much more added to our line-up. 


The jewelry, that's the heart of it, what I love to do and what we'll continue doing. But we're also going to be offering my original paintings, birth art, and textile art from time to time. Mandalas, reclaimed driftwood and glass art, light catchers, and some collaborative stuff between me and Cap, like carved wood shrines and handpainted home decor. We're really excited about it!


It's no longer a one-woman show up in here but a partnership.


Welcome to our family business and thanks for coming on the journey with us. I'm not sure where it's headed but I promise it will be fun.


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