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The world is spinning around pretty fast these days.

I've been spending as much time in my studio as I can, distracting myself with creation at every opportunity. Remember, every act of creation right now is also an act of resistance. Whatever it takes to get through all of this, right?
I've got some fun stuff coming up in the next shop update, which is October 1st at 6pm.

Not much of a thoughtful blog today, more of a picture post.  Folks who have read my blog over the years know that I've never shied away from the political or the hard conversations, for years. And if you're my friend on Facebook, then you know I'm still there, still having them. But here, in this space, today... I just can't. I'm pretty tired and feel very beaten down by the world, of late. So I just want to show you some of the pretty things that are coming to the shop soon. Joyful color. Rich textiles. Labor of love. 

More of my Night Blossom drop earrings featuring ceramic elements from Scorched Earth on Etsy, gemstones, and hand-dyed silks
And tassels. Oh the beaded tassels. 

Earthy Czech glass, vintage trade beads from Africa, sandalwood, filigree brass, and ancient Roman glass. I've been so very into fringe and tassels and beads lately. They make me pretty happy, they're fun to make and people comment on them when ever I wear a pair out of the house.
Because you know I'm making some of these for myself too, right? Gonna need two new earring racks in the bedroom soon if this keeps up. 
I'm also finding myself drawn to joyful, happy, living color. 
Tibetan beads, trade beads from Africa, hand dyed silk ribbon and Czech glass on waxed linen. 
These make me think of Yule for some reason. Can't imagine why. 

Next update teaser, I'll have some gorgeous gemstone and sterling pieces and some ancient Roman Glass that is going to blow. your. mind. 

See you then! 

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