Et tu, too?

Et tu, too?

  • $49.00

Roman glass and Lone Mountain turquoise nugget drop earrings. 

I feel like ancient Roman glass is basically the ultimate in reusing, recycling and repurposing. It's found in ancient trash heaps, excavated along trade roads and in major population centers from centuries ago. Old bottles and jars, smashed and buried, and given the patina of time. 

These ancient Roman glass rounds of translucent teal blue are wrapped in patinated copper and embellished with stacked nuggets of Lone Mountain turquoise. 

I like the idea of wearing a little bit of history, even if it came out of someone's centuries old trash heap. 

And they said rubbish diving was so last millennium. 

  • Length: 1 1/2"
  • Width: 2/3"
  • Finish: antique patina

note: ancient Roman glass earrings are glass. If you drop one on a tile floor, or even hardwoods or linoleum, or if you jumble it in a bag with other earrings while you travel, you stand a good chance of it breaking. So be careful. I am happy to remake single earrings for a fee, but my ability to do so depends on whether or not I have a replacement piece of glass in stock that will work for your pair. I don't always. I'm pretty sure we'd both rather your earrings stay in one piece. Please, handle and pack for travel with care.