East of the Sun, West of the Moon

  • $110.00

Sterling silver, sunstone, moonstone, and aventurine drop earrings. 

Who doesn't love a ripping good fairy tale that starts with Our Heroine making a grave mistake and losing Her One True Love? One that's chock full of regrets, a year-and-a-day journey, harrowing trials, and in the end, redemption and a good pair of shoes? The story is a pretty good metaphor for the arc of our lives if you ask me. Don't we all want to grow past where we began and be the hero of our own story? And don't we all love a really good pair of shoes?

These swingy vessel earrings have large quartz focal stones,  with a faceted sunstone and peach moonstone fringe. Accented with grossular (green) garnet rondelles and 2mm aventurine beads. 

Sunstone, of course is a powerfully protective, solar stone. It can help you burn away negative thought patterns. Peach moonstone soothes the heart and calms anxiety. Wear these when you need a little assist in the love-and-trust department.


  • Length: 3 1/2"
  • Width 1 1/3"
  • Finish: shiny sterling