Goddess Of Bones

  • $89.00

One-of-a-kind enameled copper dangle earrings. 

 I loved the juxtaposition of the spring-like pink and soft greens in the enamel of these earrings, the soft, grasslike green linen and the carved howlite skulls. I threw in some earthy little Dragon Jasper beads to as well.  They reminded me of Persephone, who rules on earth with her mother for half the year as the Goddess of Spring, and in Hades the other half, as the Consort of the Lord of the Dead. 

When does she ever get a minute for herself, one wonders?

These are one-of-a-kind, artisan, enameled copper charms. 


  • Length: 4"  from top of ear wire
  • Width: 1" at widest point of charm
  • Ear wires: 20 ga. sterling silver
  • Finish: antique patina