Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses

  • $89.00

Asymmetrical lamp-worked tiny houses with millefiori glass beads and of course, tiny Indian bells.

I love tiny houses so much. Yurts, vardos, little mountain cabins, and souped up modern tinies on 37" trailers. You name it, I love 'em. The only reason I haven't moved in to one yet is that I think my yarn and bead collections would require their own tiny house. 

These are silly, whimsical, funky and super fun to wear. One-of-a-kind lamp-work glass houses from Havana Beads, an assortment of Czech glass and millefiori, plus tiny jingling beads dance with each step. 

  • Length: 3 3/4"
  • Finish: antique copper patina